The How and Why of Michael Pekovich

I want to be like Mike! Cue Lil Bow Wow. No no, not Jordan! I’m talking about Mike Pekovich.

When you’re a millennial and you want to learn how to hand cut joinery, you Google “dovetail”, “how to cut dovetail”, “how to cut dovetail but easy”, “give me instant gratification and success”, “give me instant gratification and success  but easy”.… 6464255487

Build a Landing Page for your Woodworking Business (2/2)

In the last tutorial, we bought a domain and customized a free Bootstrap template to suit our business, Dirt Stick Woodworking. Now it is time for the fun part – getting our site hosted in the cloud! If you are starting here, check out Part 1 first.Read more!

Build a Landing Page for your Woodworking Business (1/2)

Through my recent Instagram travels as an aspiring woodworker, I have noticed that very few businesses have a web presence (other than social media) and even fewer have a custom website!

You would be surprised how much a simple website makes when a customer is judging the legitimacy and quality of a business – it can be the difference between a successful sale and having forty-two sapele cutting boards jammed in the backseat of your car.… Read more!

How a $19 Hand Plane Made me a Woodworker

After deep thought, impromptu inspiration, and a sawdust-fueled coughing fit, I awoke from a fever dream having acquired the bright insight that I should transition my wood working career from “DIY Guy” to “Fine Woodworker.”

My first course of action: To buy a hand plane.… Read more!